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Why are you paying $45 for text when you can opt for unlimited family messaging plan for everyone at $30?
AT&T and Verizon realize that days of milking money out of voice and messaging plans are coming to an end. So mandating unlimited voice and messaging is in their (and shareholders') interests.   In retrospect, we have been paying much higher fee for voice and messaging than data. Voice calls over 3G consumes less than 40MB per hour ($39.99 450-minute = 300 MB) and text message consumes next to nothing. So one may argue $40 for 1 GB is actually reasonable in...
I would like to give Microsoft a benefit of the doubt, but they are really doing it wrong. Apple phrased "post-PC" after iPad became a huge success. Microsoft, on the other hand, is using "PC+" before delivering results.
That is true if and only if the resolution remains the same. If Apple raises the resolution in any way, older apps will be window boxed (black borders in all 4 sides), much like how iPhone apps look in iPad. Scaling apps in a ratio other than 2 multiplier results in artifacts of some sort.
That wouldn't work in landscape mode, especially games.   Having said that, extra height in portrait mode can be useful for display such info, but individual app should be able to control whether they should be displayed or not (should default to FALSE).
  It didn't prompt me at all.
If you think Facebook treats user's privacy like crap, know that Google+ iPhone app will upload ALL your photos on your phone without asking for permission and over 3G. You will need to dig into its settings to prevent this.
Hopefully, all these attentions will improve OpenStreetMaps's data quality. But as it stands, their data is extremely lacking, both in terms of coverage and accuracy.
Given how Sony is laggard in many areas, I can't help but think "four screen strategy" is two screens too many. To me, Sony's PC business is basically a lost cause. Heck, most Sony employees use computers made by other manufacturers. Perhaps Sony is thinking of website as a way to bring "four screen" for PC, but why bother? As for tablets, return of investment seems too limited given intense competitions. That leaves phones and television. Sony is very much a laggard in...
With so few finite frequencies available, getting desirable 3G frequencies (850 and 1900 MHz) can be extremely difficult. T-Mobile was probably banking on semiconductor firms eventually releasing more universal 3G chipset (for its 1700 and 1900 MHz 3G/4G bands). Let's face it. Radio frequency spectrum is a huge mess, especially when you factor in LTE.
New Posts  All Forums: