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It's not like RIM is putting much effort toward consumers anyway (aside from marketing campaigns). They are just selling devices designed for enterprises to willing consumers.
While the review touches just about every nooks and crannies, everything is just glossed over like a comprehensive brochure. Nothing in how mirroring 1080p over WiFi might introduces lags, if any. Nothing about whether Netflix indicates viewed or partially viewed contents. I was hoping for more honest and balanced review from someone who actually used the product for few days.
+1. I am irritated by many journalists dubbing 6th generation iPhone iPhone 5 as well. Since 6 has negative connotation, and given how 3rd generation iPad is just (new) iPad, it is almost guaranteed that iPhone 6 will be called new iPhone, with Apple Support referring to it as iPhone 2012. Regarding the screen size, there is no way new iPhone will be larger physically than iPhone 4S. Side borders and areas between home button and ear speaker might shrink a bit, while...
Samsung may not be wrong today, but he is forgetting one very important thing. TV panel is a commodity. Using its vast resource, Apple can pick and choose among what it feels is the best panel (or good enough). It will then calibrate it, package it in Jonathan Ive's creation, sprinkle with Scott Forstall's iOS goodies, and mix it up with contents.
Did you actually look at what's available? Although there are some gems here and there, Amazon's Prime Eligible contents aren't much better than Netflix. From what I can tell, a bit worse actually.
Ho hum. Wake me up when Prime Eligible Instant Video does these:Supports Apple TV, iPad, iPhone/iPad touch, Playstation 3, Wii, or Xbox 360 Currently running TV shows instead of classic titles (just handful at that) from each network As it stands and despite all the issues, Hulu+ seems to be the best cord cutter platform overall.
I think it's only fair. It does cost Google money to develop and operate Maps API. $4 per 1,000 views seem a tad excessive by Google's standard though, although Google fanboys may argue that Google is giving you up to $10,000/day free (25,000 free views). One thing for sure. I think it will turn many map-based apps and websites into using alternate maps API (e.g., Bing).
Well, he actually lives pretty modest. His home is valued at about $3 million (and interior is supposedly pretty modest and minimal). Granted he has multiple properties, but he chose to live pretty modest for a CEO of one of the biggest companies in the world.
My only criticism is poor upgrade process from previous version to iOS 5. iTunes does not backup iPhone prior to the upgrade and many of my friends have lost data as a result. Upgrade should be 1-click affair. Furthermore, iTunes should let you beforehand roughly how long the entire upgrade should take. And one should not have to resort to DFU when something catastrophic happens. At the very least, iTunes should tell you how to put iPhone into DFU mode when this...
Wow, Apple's numbers are quite disappointing. Here's what the analysts were expecting. Apple's numbers are on the low-end of the expectations.
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