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During the winter Olympics, Nike banked the farm on Bode Miller. So I guess this time around, Nike needed to bet on the sure thing.
iSync 2.2 finally supports Nokia's Series 40 phones (e.g., 6230)! Just about all the latest Motorola and Sony Ericsson phones (e.g., W600i) are supported as well.
Any update on Aperture?
When did downloading music from P2P sites become legal?
Yeah, I heard it. One of my Apple fanatic friends bought it. I thought it sounded pretty good for what it is -- a high-end "alarm clock" speaker system. But it's far cry from audiophile with weak high-end extension and so-so imaging.
Wow, people are actually buying tweeter-less iPod "Hi-Fi"? As another shareholder, any good Apple news is good for me, but I am surprised.
It's 16:10 (1440/900 = 1.6).
Pentium M (part of Centrino platform) is a great mobile CPU. My guess is that this Centrino notebook is running Windows with an assortment of antivirus and antispyware that slows down the computer further. Regarding Core Duo vs. G5, while it may be "only" 20% faster in some instances (and none at some), at other tasks, it is well over 40% faster. Can you play two H.264 1080p movie trailers while burning CD on your iMac G5? If you already have iMac G5, yeah, Core Duo is not...
I want to echo memory sentiment. Please followup after upgrading. In addition "Buy this iMac for only $1449.99 from Amazon.com through February 7th." is wrong. Amazon offers $150 rebate off of $1699.99, or $1549.99. (Nevermind that its rebate fulfillment website is currently broken, but that's another topic.)
MacBook Pro. I don't have any issues with words "Mac" or "Pro", it's "Book" that sounds dated. Like iPod, Apple could've created entirely new name that has nothing to do with notebook. But at the end of the day, I don't care about the name as much as the computer itself. Call it X500 for all I care.
New Posts  All Forums: