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I know one of the main principals involved in the case. Although he has no one to blame but himself, he has two very young kids. From what I can tell, unlike most Wall Street criminals, he has not profited much for his family to survive if he's found guilty and gets a sentence close to the maximum. Considering every one of 50 or so in similar cases have either pleaded guilty or been found guilty, and prosecutors want to make an example out of him, sadly, that seems...
Yes, $49.99 upgrade pricing strikes me as rather poor, especially for a product that is on annual release schedule and how the discount is identical to those switching from a competing product.
Perhaps Eric can explain this patent then: Google Gets An Absurd Patent For Its "Google Doodles"
Lots of a-holes on this board. I am not sure how much of what he's saying is sincere, but my take is that he was more or less forced to give Steve up for adoption. And he fully acknowledges he is not his "dad" (beyond biological), not after his money, and just wants to have a cup of coffee. Key quotes:
It may be hard to change old habit, but the notion of micro managing photos is flawed and without merit. With database-based photo management software like iPhoto, you can always recreate physical folder structure if so desired (e.g., for migrating to another software), but it makes a lot more sense to let it manage using more meaningful metaphors such as albums, events, and projects. For instance, you may currently prefer to organize photos as follows: /Year/Location...
While I have few usability issues with ribbon, such as header text offering little clarity yet occupying precious space, if properly applied, ribbon can be (1) an effective way to discover new features that users may otherwise not be exposed to and (2) provide context sensitive options that are relevant to selected items at hand. Unfortunately, Windows 8 is an example of ribbon abuse. The whole "clipboard" section is unnecessary and adds to confusion. Although...
I am not sure how much bandwidth (over Wi-Fi) AirPlay Mirroring needs, but hopefully, we'll see 1080p Apple TV soon. Scaling iPad's 1024x768 to 1280x720 chops off some vertical pixels and rumored iPad 3's retina display will only make the matter worse. Not being able to see 1080p home movies and photos in 1080p is the #1 reason why I haven't jumped into Apple TV bandwagon. #2 is AirPlay Mirroring at 720p.
The stock hasn't fallen much in after-hours trading which just resumed few minutes ago (down about 5% to 355). I suspect it will fall more in the morning, but I think investors are in "wait and see" mode.
Why single out Air for having TN when 99% of the notebooks out there, including MacBook Pros, have TN?
I have 2011 15" MBP and I would love 15" MBA, provided it can accommodate 8 GB of RAM (or 16 GB when 8 GB modules become less expensive) and offer quad-core i7.
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