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All previous OS X releases weren't "revolutionary" either. Granted, features like Expose (10.3), Spotlight (10.4), and Time Machines (10.5) were pretty major, but each releases were really more evolutionary than revolutionary. This is just how Apple approaches software. It closes the gap, refine, and add few new major features with each release. Frankly, I think full-screen mode and resume are as major as Expose, Spotlight, and Time Machine (and to email junkies, new Mail...
iOS 5 can only post, not view. Which is why Twitter settings page has a button for installing official Twitter app. It would've been nicer if Messenger app can at least send and view direct messages.
My guess is $45/month, with hotspot and 4GB allowance (just like the current iPhone hotspot feature).
You are thinking too narrowly. If ARM is coming to Macs, it will be destined for lightweight portables, such as MacBook Air. Power efficient processors aren't just about lowering power bills, but about increasing battery life for portables, as well as (1) allowing silent fan-free computing and (2) smaller and lighter form factor. I believe ARM-based Mac OS X is at least in R&D mode, especially since iOS is a subset of Mac OS X with additional components and layers.
Um, no. Because even at idle, Sandy Bridge ULV processors consume more power than iPad's A5 running at maximum.Each iteration of ARM is quickly approaching the level where it would be entirely suitable for general mainstream notebooks. ARM Cortex-A9 isn't there obviously, but 64-bit version of whatever succeeds ARM Cortex-A15 could be entirely suitable for MacBook Air.I am not saying ARM will be the only CPU architecture for Mac OS X. But Mac OS X had supported dual...
Let's look at the facts. Intel's x86-64 CPUs run significantly hotter than ARM processors. True, ARM processors trail Intel's x86-64 ULV processors (used by MBA) by a great deal. Specifically, iPad 2 is about 3 times slower than entry level MBA. Although I wouldn't go far and say the performance gap is closing, it is certainly narrowing. Meanwhile, at 18W of TDP, Intel's Sandy Bridge ULV processors (which are destined for MBA) is even hotter than Core 2 ULV used on MBA...
A company that has patented very generic 1-click shopping cart shouldn't talk about what is or isn't generic.
More like exorbitant pricing model (e.g., $3.99 per Wired issue) and low quality iPad application (stability, very large size of each edition) prompt Conde Nest to slow addition of magazines to Apple's iPad.
Cisco probably bought Pure Digital (of Flip) and Linksys to gain better understanding of B2C market, but B2C just isn't in Cisco's genetics (at least under John Chamber). Cisco launching umi at $599 and $24.95/month subscription highlights just how out of touch the company is with consumers (it releasing cheaper product last month at $399 and $8.25/month demonstrates it hasn't learned a bit). And I am not sure if Cisco should try to expand into B2C. Juniper and...
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