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Let's look at the facts. Intel's x86-64 CPUs run significantly hotter than ARM processors. True, ARM processors trail Intel's x86-64 ULV processors (used by MBA) by a great deal. Specifically, iPad 2 is about 3 times slower than entry level MBA. Although I wouldn't go far and say the performance gap is closing, it is certainly narrowing. Meanwhile, at 18W of TDP, Intel's Sandy Bridge ULV processors (which are destined for MBA) is even hotter than Core 2 ULV used on MBA...
A company that has patented very generic 1-click shopping cart shouldn't talk about what is or isn't generic.
More like exorbitant pricing model (e.g., $3.99 per Wired issue) and low quality iPad application (stability, very large size of each edition) prompt Conde Nest to slow addition of magazines to Apple's iPad.
Cisco probably bought Pure Digital (of Flip) and Linksys to gain better understanding of B2C market, but B2C just isn't in Cisco's genetics (at least under John Chamber). Cisco launching umi at $599 and $24.95/month subscription highlights just how out of touch the company is with consumers (it releasing cheaper product last month at $399 and $8.25/month demonstrates it hasn't learned a bit). And I am not sure if Cisco should try to expand into B2C. Juniper and...
I would like him to define what he means by "virtual". Considering T-Mobile and AT&T operate 3G at different frequencies, it would be difficult to somehow merge them "on the day [they] close the deal." More over, I would like AT&T to define what sort of plans we can expect around the time day close the deal. For instance, T-Mobile offers more minutes than AT&T on most plans and unlimited messaging plans are $10 cheaper.
What a pointless article. The mobile platform is evolving quickly with many surprises to come. There are many unknown variables such as (1) Amazon entering the Android market with full ecosystem, (2) Apple releasing low-end iPhone models, (3) possible merger/exit among "mature" mobile platforms (e.g., Blackberry).
While I wouldn't mind 4.0, particularly if that means feature parity against Lightroom and faster performance, I rather see Aperture for iPad.
Apple's 30-pin connector is more or less hitting its limit (e.g., no digital audio/video output). It's possible that Apple maybe looking at Thunderbolt to replace it. Faster syncing, ability to output audio/video to monitors and TVs (via HDMI adapter)... why not? As for the microphone, it doesn't need a big opening. With Verizon (and soon AT&T) offering WiFi hotspot capability with iPhone, I am hoping WiFi iPad 2 will gain GPS.
HP demonstrated one "pretty cool" use of NFC on recent webOS announcement, "touch-to-share". It's Bump iPhone app on steroid. Tap one webOS device to one another (using same account ID) and supported contents that you were looking at (e.g., website, calendar appointment, photo) will transfer to another. I suspect future Macs will have RFID with similar API (a bit of an extension to AirPlay).
I don't buy it. iOS 5 should be launching in June/July and acquiring and integrating Boxcar into iOS requires more time. And even if it is possible, the integration will be hacky at best. Apple needs to rethink how notification should be done and implement it deep in the iOS layer. Not some service that runs on top of everything.
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