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You mean OLED (e.g., AMOLED)? OLED is still super expensive for large screen and has many issues so frankly, I do not see that happening for awhile. Heck, OLED isn't used on any Apple products. If you are referring to mass market TVs with LED lighting, you do realize that those TVs and displays are still LCD? Just as how most Apple displays are LCD with LED back or edge lighting? And that these TVs are still inferior to plasma.
AT&T is one of the last companies I would defend, but I have to take AT&T's side here. Making a request to a web server consumes data, whether it responds successfully or not. That said, it is difficult for users to think in terms of data consumption, since you have no idea how much data you will consume by doing certain things. And AT&T's data plans aren't very accommodating either. At the very least, it should offer an option to reply to an SMS to purchase additional...
Not sure if i I want to win. From the official rules page:So basically, if you win, you will pay tax on the gift card (likely between 20 and 40% for most folks on this board). And since it cannot be transferred, you won't be able to sell it. While I would love $10,000 iTunes gift card, it would take me a long time to spend it all. I am not sure if I would spend $3,000 or so in tax for this anyway.
I guess everyone buying current iPhone 4 for AT&T (and other GSM market) are Apple fanboys? Gadgets get replaced all the time. Some, like many on this board, likes to get latest and greatest. But many don't care or prefer to buy more proven stuff.
Frankly, I don't see why AT&T wouldn't offer it. It already offers $20 tethering option for one computing device (excluding iPad) that piggybacks off of $25 2GB plan. Letting 5 devices wouldn't make that much of a difference as they would still be sharing 2 GB bandwidth (and $10/additional 1GB). Verizon's current hotspot plan actually costs $4.99 more than AT&T, as it requires $29.99 unlimited data plan and $20 hotspot feature (2GB data cap, not unlimited) and...
Although I don't see myself switching to Verizon for foreseeable future, I love the competition. AT&T will have to respond somehow, either with better plans, better infrastructure, or most likely, both. If you are an AT&T user considering a switch, first check to see if Verizon does indeed offer better service in your area. One of the more reliable sources (other than talking to neighbors and coworkers) is: RootMetrics
It seems I am in the minority here. I, for one, would welcome a USB port. Ability to use USB cable to charge iPad, in addition to the Dock Connector cable, isn't a bad thing. More importantly, it would reduce the need for iPad Camera Connection kit. I can simply connect my camera (or USB memory card reader) directly to iPad to transfer images and video. In addition, it will let me use USB keyboard and USB headphones/microphones, too. And for some, USB may realize iOS...
Aside from infamous iTunes hijacking (via USB spoofing), I have nothing but respect for webOS. Despite some missing holes and issues, webOS is a great platform, certainly at least as beautiful as iOS, if not more so. That said, webOS failed primarily for 2 reasons: Pre as a launch product and Sprint as a launch partner. Although Pre has its followers, by large measure, it's a lousy hardware. And although Sprint isn't exactly tiny (certainly bigger than T-Mobile), it's...
I am not sure about this theory. Apple can simply issue 3rd 4.2 GM.
To me, the real market for Apple is in home server product. Build a box with multiple storage that average user can use to store photos, music, video, backup, contact, calendar, etc. A beefed up iTunes + Time Capsule server, if you will, with next gen file system such as ZFS or Btrfs.
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