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This really says it all. Aside from pretty hardware and Mac OS X Server's configuration tool, there's nothing particularly unique about Xserve. A competent admin can put together a Linux rack with necessary tools for significantly less. Comparing Xserve to Windows Server is rather silly. Most organizations don't need Xserve's spec and you can build very capable server for about $1000 (minus software), such as Dell PowerEdge R-series (and you can buy RAM and hard disk for...
GeekBench illustrates how irrelevant traditional benchmark scores are. Most folks are more interested in real world numbers like app launch and OS boot times, importing photos and videos, encoding video to H.264, and frame rate for popular games.
This tablet will look good... next to Cisco's $600 + $25/month Umi, home video conferencing add-on for HDTV.
iDVD and iWeb look like carryovers, no new features at all.
Very disappointing. I was hoping iChat will integrate FaceTime, add other IM and social protocols, and sync (ideally via cloud) SMS and MMS with iPhone's Messages app.
I want AirSync.
AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) and Time Capsule (TC) are becoming 3rd citizens. Based on the information available so far, neither AirPlay nor AirPrint will recognize disks and printers connected to AEBS and TC. Perhaps firmware update will bring these peripherals up to speed, but I suspect we'll see another hardware update to AEBS and TC, or entirely new version with beefier CPU and features.
I use TextNow and some of my friends use TextFree. But instead of using their texting number, we use GV number to text (see TextFree instructions and TextNow instructions for instructions).Why? Like I said, I don't have much trust in TextFree or TextNow being around a long time. And using GV number with these apps mean my text messages are archived on Google's server. Of course, when and if Google (or 3rd party) releases Google Voice client with push notification, I won't...
For me, the main reasons to use Google Voice over alternatives like Skype is cost. SkypeOut (which gives you a phone number) isn't free. And most international call rates are cheaper (including free to Canada). While some calling cards offer lower rate, they aren't as easy to use. Another compelling reason is SMS. With email forwarding, many iPhone texting apps (e.g., TextNow, TextFree) can fully integrate with Google Voice for texting. Other people will see GV phone #...
Vimeo must make money somehow, but $60/year is a lot for casual uploaders with few video files. The mobile video should be available for every contents. Furthermore, Vimeo's mobile website (iPhone version anyway) is pretty crummy. It has just the featured list of video, a pointless login option (that doesn't reveal additional features), and lack of search capability.
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