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Very disappointing. I was hoping iChat will integrate FaceTime, add other IM and social protocols, and sync (ideally via cloud) SMS and MMS with iPhone's Messages app.
I want AirSync.
AirPort Extreme Base Station (AEBS) and Time Capsule (TC) are becoming 3rd citizens. Based on the information available so far, neither AirPlay nor AirPrint will recognize disks and printers connected to AEBS and TC. Perhaps firmware update will bring these peripherals up to speed, but I suspect we'll see another hardware update to AEBS and TC, or entirely new version with beefier CPU and features.
I use TextNow and some of my friends use TextFree. But instead of using their texting number, we use GV number to text (see TextFree instructions and TextNow instructions for instructions).Why? Like I said, I don't have much trust in TextFree or TextNow being around a long time. And using GV number with these apps mean my text messages are archived on Google's server. Of course, when and if Google (or 3rd party) releases Google Voice client with push notification, I won't...
For me, the main reasons to use Google Voice over alternatives like Skype is cost. SkypeOut (which gives you a phone number) isn't free. And most international call rates are cheaper (including free to Canada). While some calling cards offer lower rate, they aren't as easy to use. Another compelling reason is SMS. With email forwarding, many iPhone texting apps (e.g., TextNow, TextFree) can fully integrate with Google Voice for texting. Other people will see GV phone #...
Vimeo must make money somehow, but $60/year is a lot for casual uploaders with few video files. The mobile video should be available for every contents. Furthermore, Vimeo's mobile website (iPhone version anyway) is pretty crummy. It has just the featured list of video, a pointless login option (that doesn't reveal additional features), and lack of search capability.
Wow, all the Apple fanboys defending Apple for (allegedly) removing 1080p, when just about every single HDTV related products on the market supports 1080p, astounds me. Let's consider the facts. Nearly every 40-inch or larger HDTVs on the market have 1080p resolution. Best selling HDTVs are 40-inch or larger. Most devices that connects to HDTV via HDMI supports 1080p. If you sit close enough, you can tell the difference between 720p (1280x720) and 1080p (1920x1080) even...
Yes, and you are going to argue that most people can't tell the difference between iPhone 4's retina display (960x640) and older iPhones (480x320) either. The fact is, plenty of people can, especially those that have larger TV or sitting closer to the screen.
I am a bit confused by the product matrix, mainly for 27" model. There are 4 variations, 2 regular, 2 built to order CPU upgrades:$1699: 3.2 GHz i3 (dual, hyper-threading, 4 MB L3), ATI 5670 512 MB $1899: 3.6 GHz i5 (dual, hyper-threading, 4 MB L3), ATI 5670 512 MB $1999: 2.8 GHz i5 (quad, no hyper-threading, 8 MB L3), ATI 5750 1 GB $2199: 2.93 GHz i7 (quad, hyper-threading, 8 MB L3), ATI 5750 1 GB Now, I realize 5750 is a better GPU than 5670 (AnandTech's review...
Price not withstanding, this is very underwhelming upgrade. The least Amazon could've done is to achieve feature parity with direct competitors (e.g., Nook). Chief among them are (1) Nook's "lend me" feature, which allows users to some books without restriction and (2) ePub file format support. As it stands, Kindle 3 is even smaller update than Kindle 2 was.
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