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Anyone familiar with firewalls willing to comment? http://www.heise-security.co.uk/articles/98120
4 (bytes/word)*2^32 would work if memory was word addressable. But you can address every 8 bits, not 32. Otherwise they would call it 4 Gwords. Or change meaning of "byte".
But! 8086 processor had 20-bits external memory bus while internal registers were all 16-bits. To get 20 bits it combined special "segment" registers with address inside segment (shifted by 4 bits). That way they could address 1Mb. So while processor might be 32 bits it may have 64-bits (or 48 or whatever) address bus. And OS and application (and I guess chipset) must be aware of that if they need to address memory beyond first 4 Gigs.
That's wrong. 8bit (1 byte) give you 2^8=256 "cells" of memory; 16 (2 bytes) 2^16 = 64K; 32 bits (4 bytes) is 4,294,967,296 (4Gb). It has nothing to do with number of bytes in word. What's matter is number of bits, or binary digits. You can say that byte is 2 bits and "word" is 3 bytes. That doesn't change anything, it's just groups of bits that has names.
Mr. Me, so you saying we have to do 4^32?
Seems like it's normal shitty AT&T practice. Some time ago I ordered online two phones with family plans (not iPhones) and first bill was completely insane. They billed both numbers as separate plans, not family. I called them and asked WTF, girl said she have no idea (of course) how that happened and fixed it.
Define true 3D please.I personally have nothing against new Dock. I just hope there will be option to make menu bar opaque.
Google maps now zoom in on any mouse wheel rotation. No zoom out.
It render embedded style tags with errors (no font at all) if windows local settings are not english. There's also some weird behavior with forms (posted only first line of message). And somehow it managed to post my message on top of this thread. Hehe. Forum cracking tools embedded
Just downloaded, and it's still 1.2 \ WTF?
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