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Wow! This is absolutely amazing stuff. Where do they keep getting these great ideas?
My my. Who could possibly be behind this? Cough *ppl* Cough
I am willing to bet that the cost of each subscription will add up, and we will find ourselves paying the same amount as we do now.
So what percent of those who can afford an iPhone 6 are Walmart customers?
I have seen a lot of people reporting problems with AirDrop, both Mac to Mac and Mac to Phone.
And, maybe, Yosemite?
Ironically the reputation for reliability means that even minor faults are blown out of proportion.
Yeah… Operating System Ten. That's the ticket. Now, what snappy acronym could we use: OS----something. It will come to me soon.
Then congratulations to Samsung: by now they must feel they will totally dominate this segment of the market.
While iOS sales may not go up, the integration of iOS and OSX may lead to a significant increase in iMac, MacBook and Mac Pro sales to corporate customers.
New Posts  All Forums: