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First: get them to complete high school at the same rate Second: get them to enroll in the appropriate majors in college at the same rate Third: get them to graduate at the same rate Fourth: get them hired at entry level jobs at the same rate Fifth: get them work to get promoted at the same rate   Finally: get them promoted to senior executive positions at the same rate
It would be nice if those who just got a Mac could go back and download the earlier ones.
Then why has the stock gone down?
In all of these analyses it is worth remembering that roughly 70% of PCs are in businesses (mostly very low end machines), and are of little interest for the average consumer. Looking at the numbers for USA and Europe the overall Mac use is about 12%, which roughly translates to about 40% home use. This fits well with the estimate that 40% of college students are buying Macs.
in 1999, who would have ever guessed? 
My concept would be a smart entertainment system, not just TV, all controlled from my iPad. You would teach it all of your components, iPod, stereo, DVD, BluRay, computer, Cable etc and then a single icon would let you bring up which one(s) you want active, and in what context. So, play a Bluray movie on the TV, but run the sound through my stereo system: set up a Skype call, show it on the TV and send/show designated photos to the other person. Teaching the system to do...
Something on the order of HyperCard, in terms of programming complexity, would offer a nice intermediate approach that a lot of people could use without having learn too much about what is ‘under the hood’
Add me to the list. Two laptops in the same room have no trouble, but the iPad drops the signal after a few seconds. *Surely* Apple must have field tested the new machines before release, so what is going on?
My machines are both owned by the university, and they will not be upgrading to Lion. So now I have no simple way to synchronize my office machine and my home one. I am not even sure that I will be able to use my .me mail account. Ironically, they will provide me with WIndows machines as an alternative.
Uh, complement I suspect. Unless it’s just saying nice things about the other services.
New Posts  All Forums: