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Then congratulations to Samsung: by now they must feel they will totally dominate this segment of the market.
While iOS sales may not go up, the integration of iOS and OSX may lead to a significant increase in iMac, MacBook and Mac Pro sales to corporate customers.
I think my age finally caught up with me. Having been one of the first buyers for all sorts of tech over the last 40 years, I just don't see any reason to buy an iWatch. Ah well, I can put the money aside for my orbital trip with Virgin.
  "Office" copier! I thought I was the Apple copier.
But their commercials said the 5S was such a great phone!
So, a few people with a LOT of money get to have lunch with him. How about for every one who pays there is a seat for someone drawn on a lottery system, who might offer a different insight.
First: get them to complete high school at the same rate Second: get them to enroll in the appropriate majors in college at the same rate Third: get them to graduate at the same rate Fourth: get them hired at entry level jobs at the same rate Fifth: get them work to get promoted at the same rate   Finally: get them promoted to senior executive positions at the same rate
It would be nice if those who just got a Mac could go back and download the earlier ones.
Then why has the stock gone down?
In all of these analyses it is worth remembering that roughly 70% of PCs are in businesses (mostly very low end machines), and are of little interest for the average consumer. Looking at the numbers for USA and Europe the overall Mac use is about 12%, which roughly translates to about 40% home use. This fits well with the estimate that 40% of college students are buying Macs.
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