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Great advice, thanks Relic. I love my iPad and use it in bed a lot, so she's jealous, but I also have a MBP for work, so I haven't felt the limitations first hand.   I was thinking that maybe Dropbox could help as a workaround for not having a native file system, but I think the list of exceptions like one might be too long. I guess the other alternative is to get some additional memory and a battery for her existing MB, then get the iPad so at least she has a...
My wife's Macbook is getting pretty ancient (battery life is way down, heavy compared to modern laptops, etc.) - we're considering whether to just get her a new (or lightly used) Air, or if she could make do with an iPad and external keyboard.   She mostly uses her laptop for email, word processing, and general web-browsing.    Any tips? Thanks!
Anyone know if that's about the right amount of "other" or if I should be able to clear it out somehow? Thanks in advance!!
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