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So, 23 days to post un-realistic expectation numbers before another surprising Apple quarter is announced.
mstone - I fully agree, They are so poor they can't even pay attention. The 5c sales would be a megahit for companies like MS, LG, Sony, Nokia, others, and not to forget BB.       added  5c sales
Are we all watching this comic?  Judge Lucy Koh presiding. 
Should be easy to sell 750,000 iPhones. I would have guessed 3 times that, and with creative Russian accounting $28 mil is nothing over a 36-month period.
Suck on your pacifiers. Bought 1024 Apple back in April 1993 @ US$12.50 each, when I got an unexpected bonus. Played several other .com's after that but was contend to hang on to my Apples. Yes several ups and down and a divorce where the ex wanted either half the stock or the T-Bird in 1999. Needless to say she got the older bird. So after ups and downs,- still a happy owner today with 4096 shares.
 Hope the warm sand does not cook your egg!  But I fully agree.
Apple will win this one. The Wall dividing Berlin would never fall?  Times are changing,  - also in China.
And Yes, the feature phone market is nearing maturity.  But to the extend that everyone wants one after they graduate form the basic versions. Don't ever underestimate Asian or South American markets by saying nobody can afford an iPhone. People who want quality will just buy it, but some might save a little longer.
Come on now. Wake up!  This is not quite April Fools Day yet. And the report forgot to mention it will be 64-bit + parity, 16 GP registers, Hardware Multiply/Divide, Floating point, all with an optional Selector Channel and Multiplexer bus. And there is also an option for the ASR-33 via the new Bluetooth slow speed interface, /s
Hi.  I would like to buy the new iPhone.  "Yes Sir - would that be with or without the Tesla " ?   Sounds like a fit to me, and don't ever underestimate the vision(s) of Jobs and now Cook. I am sure their joint visions will have a major impact on the future of Apple. And getting Musk included would certainly be beneficial.
New Posts  All Forums: