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But folks, - don't forget that the great Bill Gates himself will return to provide guidance for Microsofts future technologies.  /s
As I recall Sony was one of the major investors in Next, and it is no surprise to me that SJ admired Sony and their products in those days. Sony was a leader in many fields, and I can understand how Akio Morita could have inspired SJ in many ways. It could have been an interesting relationship.
mstone - I fully agree. Furthermore, whichever car manufacture integrating any software from Google into its car control system is stupid. I for one would never trust it. However, a Tesla and Apple marriage would be highly beneficial for both companies. 
Another Super presentation from Steve Jobs. Glad it surfaced after those years.
Here it all started with a 128K Mac in September 1984. Then on to the MacPlus, Mac II, Mac Iici (Home), Mac Iici (Office), added several Daystar Accelerators over the years and my Iici from home was retired in September 2005 with an iMac 20" PowerPC based, added iMac 27" with Intel i7 in June 2010 and finally MacBookPro 13" in October 2010.  Getting itchy again soon.
It makes no difference what most think, but to comply with pending and future EU regulations it will become a necessity for data to remain locally.  In this case, a datacenter, Cloud if you wish, in The Netherlands will cover the requirement for The European Union.     
Another Step ahead of the competition.  
.......... In addition, a larger iPhone using a 20-nanometer processor is also rumored to launch in May of 2014, according to the report. That phone's chip will reportedly run a processor designed by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company.   Huh? ​Designed by TSMC ?  I doubt that.  But manufactured by TSMC  YES.
Just wondering what they are smoking.  My un-educated guess would be 18-mil+.
There is still lots of time to change a gift. Simply just return it unopened, and get another one.
New Posts  All Forums: