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I am just wondering if Ballmer actually believes what he is saying.  And are concerned that there is no mental hospital in the Puget Sound area where they can help mental disorders like his.
Originally Posted by crazy_mac_lover  The china mobile deal is not only business to business , it is also political to political . By looking at the face of USA Vice President when he visited china , u know china won't send this gift to America. Nobody seems to talk about what will happen to aapl if the deal isn't inked .       OMG !  Guess Apple is really Doomed!  Any suggestions from your bright mind? /s
Panic mode in Seoul. Now, I wonder why Slappy always told me it was Apple there was Doomed? Maybe I misunderstood something. Happy Thanksgiving to you all in the States.
Let me see now. What DO I want?   Maybe a MBP running both IOS and OSX and of course with next generation Apple Ax processor.
Interesting!  And straight from the mouth of a mountain goat in Switzerland:  Rolex have decided to licence the iWatch from Apple.
  Yes I visited Apple many times when I lived for 25-years in the Bay area.
Makes me wonder if Sammy is trying to make room for their own requirement of 64-bit chips.
Yes a clear Apple win. I think that Google by now must have figured out they wasted billions of $ buying MotoMob.  Go Apple Go !!!
Makes a lot of sense to me.
"'We still have a lot to cover'" Well, maybe a larger iPad? Anyway as usual it will be interesting.
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