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windows 98 42% windows 2000 20% windows XP 20% mac got 5% of google hits up from 4% every months before. http://www.google.com/press/zeitgeist.html does this mean mac are up in net presence? does this presage a surge in market share?
GPUL is scheduled to start in second half of 2003 according to Kevin Krewell, senior editor of the Microprocessor Report in San Jose.: http://www.infoworld.com/articles/hn/xml/02/10/04/021004hnforum.xml?s=IDGNS: IBM is scheduled to discuss its 64-bit PowerPC chip, which has drawn a lot of attention from the Macintosh and Linux communities. Since the PowerPC chip...
Actually tekmember got the point as we say here in France. I can tell you from the MacBidouille 'XMac' I saw with my eyes that he is indeed correct.
A sunday afternoon with a friend of mine we had the following killer idea (before finding similar idea with google searches). We were talking about this common situation when someone has a sample code or sample html, sample image, sample text document and I want to copy paste it, or I want to edit it (from my computer). Or I have a big urlin my omniweb browser and want to share it with my friend (I can send it by mail). So I would like to be able to accomplish this by...
check store.apple.com
indeed, I just downloaded the sneaky peek 33 (v344) it is really impressive. It is this kind of application making you understand osX is not slow, the application are slow (the finder is an application). This build is fast, fast, fast! for scrolling, resizing, loading... Everybody should consider using omniweb when 4.1 is out.
I was using ie 5.1 and omniweb 4.06 and I found both slow and not that good. Then I downloaded Omniweb 4.1 beta which I find the best browser I ever used. It is fast, I love the favorite bar, and the 'View in a new window BEHIND this one' function. I also tried opera and Mozilla but not enough to make me an opinion. What do you think is the best available browser today on osX?
I use a Powerbook 667 everyday and I really don't need any other computer. I think it is just a question of time for the death of the desktop. Now I don't say Apple will do that now, I was surprised to see the est. shipping of the iBook jumping from 1-2 days to 7 days exactly as with the iMac (this is one of the better indicator of product change). All in all a LCD iMac is not far from an iBook.
If you fake buying an iMac at the Apple Store you get a 7 days est. shipping. That is what we should expect... But if you fake buying an iBook you get exactly the same 7 days delay... (I got 1-2 days last week) Powerbook 5 days. PowerMac 3 days. Does that mean we will get no new pro G4-G5, but a new revolutionary device merging iBook and iMac?
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