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Really? Your definition of doing well is... "Hey, at least they are not starving to death" I see your point. They can afford that bowl of rice. What is there to complain about? Tell them get back to work, they can take a break after their 16 hour shift. I have electronics to buy!
1,800 yuan per month = 285.77 USD per month.... Ah yeah! I am rolling large now.
Now they are slavishly copying Apple's patent troll strategy, have they no shame? This is an outrage how dare they do this. Apple is right and just when they sue, and no one should be allowed to do the same. Next Motorola/Google will steal Apple's idea of having employees, offices, and products/services to sell people. The nerve of some people.
This is really easy to answer.Neverand No
Pay no attention to the 9 other labor and human rights violations. We work with people that do not "intentionally" hire child labor. We are good, i mean god , i mean good...
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