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That depends upon the bank in question. I was one of those at risk in the Target breach and my bank automatically issues me a new card with no input from me.
To those complaining about the remote: have you tried programming a universal remote instead? I use the same remote that operates my tv, cable box and PS4. It works great.
Just like all those iPad 3s.....oh, wait....
Sony didn't finish in 3rd place this console generation, they finished 2nd. Xbox was 3rd worldwide. The US isn't the only market.
You must not have any concept of what it's like to work for a living. In many workplaces it is frowned upon to use your phone on company time. Some even forbid you to have it on your person.
I'm so glad we have an official source from Apple to give us the lowdown on this.
Perhaps the rumored new iPod Nano would serve. If it get s a larger multi touch screen, it could perhaps fill that gap.I think this may be what Apple is planning. The new larger Nano and smaller iPad would together accomplish what the Touch currently provides. Perhaps this is why the Touch didn't really get updated last year, it may be on its way out.
I searched "Nexus 7 no margin" and found plenty. Of course I'm using Bing in an iPad. Perhaps Google is blocking such news, lol.
Here you go, it's at the end of the article.http://allthingsd.com/20120627/exclusive-googles-andy-rubin-and-asuss-jonney-shih-on-how-they-cooked-up-the-nexus-7/
The 3 things I'd buy if they existed: Apple television 7" iPad Nano Apple game console, integrated into the TV would be even better
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