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With all the rumors of Valve making their own console, this could be very interesting if true.
Where is all the righteous indignation for workers in the US who are similar situations?
I hear you. I've worked in similar or worse conditions than what people are crying over with the Foxconn workers.
Their 27" thunderbolt display goes for $999, so maybe somewhere between 30" and 40". I myself would want minimum 40", but preferably 50-55".
I was thinking iVision myself.
My personal feeling is this would be much more likely to apply to an Apple television rather than a Mac. Don't Macs already have a microphone, why would you need the iPhone?
I took that to mean that if he was thrilled over this iPad launch, he'll be thrilled a lot as they launch other products.
You wouldn't be saying that if you'd waited all day for a delivery that never came, when you could've been doing anything else.
I'm so happy that Apple offered preorders this year, I didn't relish standing in line again.
What if it's like some of the TV apps out there? The Time Warner, HBO, TNT, Cinemax apps all just have you authenticate your cable subscription to access them. They could use something similar for a television without a cable card or set top box.
New Posts  All Forums: