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I call bs. I was able duplicate this every time just by touching one fingertip to the offending spot in the phone.
They're already equal to the value of Microsoft and Google combined. And double the worth of Samsung, HTC, LG, RIM, Nokia and Sony combined.
The Loop only confirmed the announcement, not a thing about the actual release. I'd say Friday March 16 sounds about right, judging by last year's timeframe between announcement and release.
Unless you can exceed the paltry movie streaming options of Netflix, then keep on walking.
By flooding the market with new models every month and carriers constantly offering two for one deals.
Because lumping all other phone manufacturers together against Apple is the only way haters can make Apple look like it's failing.
You do know you can already do this. Angry Birds is available on PS3 and probably the 360 as well.
One definition of cannibalize: to cut into; cause to become reduced; diminish
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