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I thought we weren't supposed to use phones near the pump because they might cause an explosion...
I think someone makes a USB phono pre-amp. That way you get an outboard analog to digital interface along with the gain boost and EQ filter in one package. I have a line-level turntable which has the preamp built in. I can use it with any usb interface.
You're feeding the trolls again. On a somewhat related note, does anyone else have issues with the forums on this AI iPhone app? Do most of you use the website on your iPhones? Mobile or desktop? Issues: links don't work - blank page, pressing back goes back to top of forum page instead of referring post and sometimes I randomly get sent to the top of the page while scrolling down
Brick and mortar stores only? What does Apple have against sheetrock and steel framing? That's what my twelve Walmarts are made of. Trendy hipster bastards! *shakes fist at sky*
It's really not that big a deal. I must have read about a zillion of Solip's posts over the years and he contributes greatly to the quality of these forums.Yeah, I've found that tech journalists can't be trusted with details like these. While it is possible that the subnet did not allow for multicast, he probably meant the two devices were not on the same subnet/VLAN.
@SolipsismX I simply used "this" to refer to the subject of my previous sentence. I'd say I hate it when people don't read or think before posting, but it's really not that big a deal. The ad-hoc wifi idea should work without disconnecting from the WLAN because Apple devices have two wifi adapters now, right? I think that's how AirDrop works. Come to think of it, AirDrop uses BT to authenticate the wifi connection...
Bonjour uses broadcast packets to announce services. This will not work across segments of a complex network unless specifically enabled by IT.
It's still not a word. It's recently been added to an American English dictionary because it is used so much, but it is business babble. If impact means effect, which it doesn't, why doesn't effectful make any sense? Don't answer, nobody cares but me.
You're holding it wrong
Impactful is not a word.
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