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Ordered mine on 10/27, website quoted me a shipping date of 11/2. and I received the computer today, 11/1. 2.16Ghz C2D 160GB HDD 2GB RAM Pretty darned good step up from my 1GHZ TI Book, the last computer I bought 4 years ago.
Still have to reconnect to the internet after waking from sleep.
The bullets in the magazine are backwards. You are not the only one to screw it up...http://hkpro.websolv.com/ubbthreads/...ev=#Post146022 HK is the Apple of the gun world, so to speak. Glock is the Dell... I'd buy one...
Clark to endorse Kerry: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/articl...435EST0674.DTL
Oh man, I hate to pop this up here...but it is too funny regardless of what you think of Drudge. http://www.neo-progressive.net/
"I did NOT HAVE SEXUAL RELATIONS with that woman, miss AP girl...I never told anyone to leave the country, not a single time...NEVER...these allegations are FALSE and I need to get back to the job the Liberal Democrats want me to do."
I don't know...he says that several more mainstream and "credible" news sources are sitting on this one, and are basically the same sources that sat on the Lewinsky story before Drudge broke it (i.e. Newsweek, Washington Post, etc.) But I am biased it is the first webpage I visit every morning.
Yeah the Lewinski thing is what made Drudge...but the Flowers and Jones things happened when he was running for the first time in 1992 during the primaries (I think). Recall the Hillary "Standing by her man" thing. I heard on the radio that there may be pictures this time with Kerry. Who knows.
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