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It isn't just Flash content that makes Safari gag. Pages with a lot of simple animated gifs cause the CPU usage to spike, too. The AI post page, for instance, always makes my G5's fans roar like it's about to take off. All those #@*& smilies.
I use my Canon DV camera as a webcam almost daily. Firewire connection is the key. For it to work you can't have a tape in. The camera defaults to demo mode then. Works great.
I just want OSX to stop losing the printer. Seems like, if I don't print something every day, OSX loses contact with the printer. It's really frustrating how many times I've had to wrestle with stopped jobs, even though the printer is always up and running.
WYSIWYG should be a lot better than what it has become. I remember, back in the day, working in Adobe PageMill and thinking "This is how it should work!" Then WYSIWYG flew off the tracks...
Currently, my fave is GarageBand. It's just fun.
That's been a big empty spot in Mac software...a cheap and easy website creation tool. Yes, Frontpage creates some of the worst, non-standards websites this side of Word's HTML output, but what else is there, really, short of hand-coding HTML? Sadly (fortunately?) it's Windows-only.
I've always been amazed that, when it comes to schools and corporations making these decisions, it is often the IT people's ignorance that drives the decision-making. I have it at my job, too. When I selected a Mac for my workstation, the IT guy said, bluntly, "I don't know Macs, I don't want to know Macs, and I'm not going to support it." And, ever since, I've had my Mac, and I've been my own IT support. I can tell you how long I'd be employed if I told my manager "I...
You aren't running a webcam via Yahoo messenger, are you? I've noticed that Yahoo will often crash when quitting the webcam, or when quitting the messenger altogether after having used the webcam. Otherwise, if I run Yahoo without the webcam, it's pretty darn stable for me.
As a Skype user, I can, indeed, confirm that you can use Skype to call regular phones, and the sound quality is very good. Of course, that quality is dependent on your connection but, to date, I've only had one wonky connection to a land-line (and that turned out to be a problem with Comcast's lines) The one real quality drawback to Skype's Mac offering seems to be a lack of true audio duplexing. It's not a deal-breaker, by any means, but there definitely is a lack of...
I enjoyed it quite a bit. One of the reasons I look forward to a Pixar release, is the short subject that accompanies the feature. They tend to be demonstration pieces of some new technology or approach. The one with "Incredibles" ("Boundin'"?) seemed to be a demonstration of some new 3D/depth of field work...at least that's what I took from it. Very nice.
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