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Might this be what Safari is really looking for?
Red shift...doppler effect...
I recently ran across videos that were split on a PC using something called Gsplit. Normally split media files are fairly simple to handle on a Mac. However, this new player splits files into some proprietary format. The files can only be re-joined and played with their player. Being free, my PC friends have started usng it exclusively, leaving the Mac users out in the cold.
To be truthful, this has been something I've noticed since way back in the OS9 days. In my office, for instance, all of the wimpy little PCs are simply "snappier" when it comes to the web. Pages load quicker. In comparison, my Mac seems to take its sweet time loading webpages, no matter what browser I use. I wish I knew exactly why this was, but it's definitely there. At least that has been my experience. YMMV.
According to the sparse info provided on this page, you might be able to open it using GraphicConverter.
They will most likely close the account and open a new one. I had a name mix-up when I opened my .mac acount and that is how it was handled.
I use labels in a group of related folders, in order to quickly differentiate, for instance, the "live" project folder from the archive or from the "development" folder. It's just a quick visual que thing.
IE on the Mac does .png's just fine. Alpha transparency and all. It's IE for Windows that can't properly display .png's.
Still not as quick as simply clicking off onto the desktop
I second Towel and PBG4Dude. Do a plain-text mail with a link. HTML emails are trashed with extreme predjudice here. Just too many potential problems.
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