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What I really want is to be able to click off onto the desktop to bring all open Finder windows forward, just as it was back in OS9.
Because certain characters require different keystrokes to produce them on the different platforms. And certain characters don't even exist on one or the other platform.
One more and I'll shut up... Just this week, on my OS9 Mac at work, I had to fire-up TomeViewer to extract a new Login system file to replace the corrupted one. That little app has saved my butt many times over the years. Probably irrelevant now, though, right?
I'm curious...Aren't the character mappings for PC TrueType fonts different from Mac TrueType? Especially for diacritical marks and ligatures? Wouldn't the differences carry-over? Not that that makes it unusable or anything...just a tad confusing at times, I suppose.
I'll throw in for Streamline, also. I'd forgotten about that one. Oh, and Letraset Envelopes.
That's not entirely true. There is, afterall, more to Adobe than Photoshop and Illustrator. Take, for instance, the Acrobat family of products as well as Adobe's Document Services suite of products. Both are heavily (and in the case of Document Services, entirely) Windows-oriented. The Acrobat family is especially galling considering that one of the big appeals of PDF is its cross-platform quality. I'm seeing PDF become more and more a workplace staple and the lack of a...
So, how many of you think that the big line in the sand, so to speak, will be the moment OSX goes fully 64-bit? Will Adobe spend the money to make 64-bit, OSX-only versions of Pshop, Illustrator, etc.? Or will that be the moment they cut further development for the Mac? Or should we all start rooting for Miscrosoft to get that 64-bit version of Windows working so there might still be co-development for both platforms?
It was those 5 laughing smilies you posted. Safari chokes on groups of animated gifs.
Sadly, videocards for portables are not fully supported in Myst IV.
The Microsoft Exchange client for Macintosh. For many people, this is the one of the main reasons they haven't moved to OSX in the office. Sure, Entourage is supposed to provide most of the needed Exchange connectivity needed by a Mac-user in a corporate environment. But it still falls short of what a dedicated Exchange client needs to be. There are hacks that allow one to use the current Exchange client in Classic, but that's, obviously, a poor substitute for a...
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