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I don't think that screen size is big enough to express great tablet apps.  
  Most people like the size of the iPhone screen.
  Isn't food more central to the sustenance of civilization than books?  And why is that criteria even relevant to whether or not something can be used as a loss leader?
    Just so long as they don't increase the size of the case.   Any bigger than it is and it will not fit into anybody's pocket.   Apple tested every size of device, and determined that the current size is the perfect size.  Any other size is less good.
    Apple is accused of colluding with the publishers to eliminate competitors and competition, and to impose higher, fixed prices across the board.   Eliminating competition via collusion is not generally called competition in a free market.  Arranging collusion between competitive publishers such that they all charge the same prices is not generally called competitive.  Instead, it is generally seen as anti-competitive.   but words can mean anything we want them to...
    Hey Mods:   Is this sort of mindless insult really OK around here?  I don't complain, because they don't bother me a bit, but it seems bad for the forum as a whole to allow such things.
    I too was surprised at the junk results returned by Wolfram.  If anything lost credibility here, it is the search engine Apple chose to use.
    You can explain things until you are blue in the face, but if your audience is intent on misunderstanding words, or substituting the incorrect meaning of homonyms, you will never get him to agree to the obvious.
          Apple was seemingly the ringleader, and not some dupe of the publishing industry.
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