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    Apple customers don't care about picture quality.   Picture and sound quality have never been big sellers.   Its the UX, Stupid.  The UX.   And if anybody has cracked the UX it is Apple.        I don't think that reliance on picture quality could possibly make up for the headache induced by most people's current setups. Mom can't figure out the dozen buttons that you need to push to get the sound of a DVD to actually come out of the Home Theater System.  Nobody knows...
      Is't that where lots of people go to buy Apple stuff?
    When they get returned, they get "shipped" ...  Back to the factory.
    I've never seen a Ferrari owner shop at Wal*Mart.
    Why not ask somebody who has said something like that?   Why ask someone who has never said anything like that?   Try something new.  Actually respond to what is said, rather than fantasies about things that have never been said.
    If it is any taller, it will not fit into a pocket.   If it has a new aspect ratio, then all the software will need to be rewritten.   If it has a new dock connector, then all existing accessories are obsolete.
If it is a post-discount store world, then isn't Apple clinging to the old regime?  What is replacing discount stores?  Shouldn't Apple be selling in the new category, given that the discount stores are going away in a post-discount store world?
    Yeah - Apple does make other stuff.   But iOS is what sells.
    Good points.
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