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  iPhone Jailbreaking Could Crash Cellphone Towers, Apple Claims   http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2009/07/jailbreak/
  The lack of IR was something that I really missed on the iPhone.  I'm not sure why Apple neglected that feature.
    They had one on Game of Thrones earlier this season.  The canary got what he deserved.
    If Apple does what you suggest, I think that they will sell zillions of i4s and i4S's.   Phones are not advancing nearly as fast as they were a couple of years ago.  Having an older design like the i4 is not nearly as much of a handicap as it once was. 
    Same as the last market share stats announced:  People pick Android phones more than 2 to 1 over iPhones.
It has not yet been announced.
    The trial is over.  There will be no more depositions.  There will be no more testimony of key executives.  It has all already happened.  Apple has already incurred those expenses.   There will be no more major legal expenses. The trial is over.
  It is already over.  The trial has concluded.  There is nothing to end.
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