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    All I did was cut and paste.  It just works like that.
    According to a story that broke today, Android outsells iOS on phones by more than two to one.     Android reclaims 61 percent of all U.S. smartphone sales Grabbing ground lost during the holiday quarter, Android now holds almost two-thirds of the U.S. market, says NPD Group.   http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57429192-93/android-reclaims-61-percent-of-all-u.s-smartphone-sales/  
I spoke too broadly. Thanks for the comment. I improved the post above in bold.
  This sounds like what IT guys are told every day.  I didn't do anything!  It all just vanished!   I know IT guys who wish that they had a nickel for every time they have heard exactly that.  
    In y opinion, apple needs to do MUCH better at protecting iOS users.  They are not sophisticated, and so are the perfect candidates for falling prey to these maliciously crafted websites.
    Wow.  That's one ringing endorsement of Apple.  Not.   I've heard many, many reasons to buy apple products.  But never that one.
    Lousy video.  Great Cloud service.  Take your pick as to which is more important.
    OSX has relegated to "B Team" engineers.   The hot shit programmers get to work on iOS.
    The Hong Kong court did not consider the merits of the case.  They instead imposed an injunction  to maintain  the status quo pending a decision on the merits.   We've been over this already.  
  Jailbreakers ruin  it for the entire iOS community.  There are devs who would otherwise make great software, but because they don't want to lose money, they don't.  Jailbreakers cause this.
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