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    iOS is very limited in its capabilities.  It may be good enough for a phone, but for a computer, it is weak.
That is theft.
    The real reason most jailbreakers do it is so that they can steal apps from Apple.
  You should go ahead and post some.
    Likely there is a maximum image height.
  You need to demonstrate that to be the case.  I don'r really know what facts you are relying on.
  No, not that one.  I'm referring to Apple being bamboozled into paying a company that did not own the Chinese trademark, despite the true owner being listed in the Chinese trademark registry.   Seemingly, apple was defrauded.  That is an equitable argument.  Legally, Proview has the upper hand.
    Because settlement is the best path for Apple, given the legal situation?
    How much did you buy at $642?  There was huge volume at that price.
    Another huge factor, in addition to the cost of labor and the extrinsic costs of doing business in China, is the cost of energy.   The US has cheap energy prices compared to China.  At some point, the energy and other savings are predicted to increase domestic manufacturing.
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