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 Personally I disagree (about Google Glass). I don't own one, but if it (or similar products) get cheap enough I'll own one for photo and video capturing alone. There are plenty of times where I will see something that would be a great photo or video and by the time I pull out my iPhone the moment is gone. Just being able to wink or whatever and get the shot would be great.
  Agreed. Not sure how many more apps they can keep adding before it starts to get too cluttered. It's already getting large to scroll through as is.  At the very least update the Remote app for the iPhone so that I can see all these apps and click on them from my iPhone instead of scrolling. Also make the Remote app stop losing the Apple TV so I don't have to close the Remote app, turn off/on WiFi and then open the app again. Thanks!
  The only silly thing is that it apparently it doesn't recognize that you already own the movies. For instance, I had free digital copies of Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows Part 1. I bought the bundle and now I have two copies of both movies on my Apple TV :/
  Agreed. There was a long time where the only options for Mercer and Bucks counties were King of Prussia and Freehold. Willow Grove helped a bit with that last year but I think this one at Quakerbridge Mall is going to get a lot of business.
I am still very disappointed in the quality of low light photos with my iPhone 5. Very disappointed. I would prefer that Apple stop trying to shrink the iPhone with each iteration and actually put in the necessary sensors to have a decent low light camera.
This definitely drains the battery. I installed it on Tuesday and by midday Wednesday my battery was under 50% without using it much. I saw the locations service icon up and checked in settings and it was Google. I checked open apps to turn it off and it wasn't even in there! So I opened and closed it, the location services icon was still on. Uninstalled the app and it went away
One thing that I think absolutely has to be done with iOS7 is cleaning up the Settings. Every time a new feature gets added it gets thrown in there and it's grown into a big mess. Like, why is notification settings for Angry Birds in both the first Settings screen and then in Notifications? Why is there a massive list of apps on the first page of settings at all? Why is VPN in two spots? I could go on. Also let us either search for settings or add them to our home screen...
One would think that an iPhone 4S (with whatever cellular technology required) would be much cheaper for Apple to send to developing countries at this point than a brand new design.
Just a thought - is it possible these sales have more to do with the price than the size? Getting an iPad for $200 cheaper than a year ago (okay, maybe a little less because of the discounted iPad 2 last year) is probably a huge deal to people. I'm not sure how many of the people buying an iPad Mini would have bought a normal iPad instead if it wasn't around. With that in mind, if Apple adds Retina to the Mini next year and keeps it the same price, look out.
They better still be making plasma TVs or I will be very disappointed. I have a 5 year old Panasonic plasma that is still running great, and I'd like them to be there when I'm ready to upgrade
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