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  Did you even read my post? This isn't an either-or situation.  No one with half a brain is suggesting Apple skip a single penny of investment into developing the core business.  The point for those who are not math-challenged is that even after Apple has done all this, they can't come close to even spending the ongoing cash flows, much less the $150,000,000,000 that is sitting around doing nothing.  It boggles my mind how numerically illiterate so many are that they...
  While Tim Cook's move was likely brilliant and bold, this has nothing to do with Icahn's point.  The amount spend here is a drop in the ocean compared to 1) the cash Apple already has sitting by idly, and 2) the multi tens of billions to flow in this year, and next year, and the year after that. So if Apple can find about 300 more investments like this in the next 12 months that make sense.  Great.  If not, they should be using more of the idle cash for good use (of...
If you'd like to pay 12% like Romney...   ...then do it.   Go ahead.  Bust your butt for decades and earn the success he has.  Then you can do exactly what he is doing.   I'm sick and tired of all the people who say that "the rich" don't pay what they deserve.  Maybe everyone else isn't earning their keep?
When can I add one for my Nexus tablet or Kindle Fire...HD of course?? And how about the cash register accessories? Do they have those for my tablets? JK. Yet this is just one more of umpteen thousand examples of where iPad is ahead of the competition by miles, yet doesn't show up in the only stat the simple-minded use: global "shipments" marketshare.
    Well the magic for Apple has been getting all of these people to pay $650 (though often "financed" through subsidies) even though they barely make use of the iPhone's capabilities.  Why would Apple want to mess that up??
    Whatever.   You can argue about terms all you want, but the fact is that if you use Apple's products and you make use of Apple's stores, anyone with half a brain and a bit of objectivity will admit that Apple is categorically different than any other technology company out there.  You can label that however you will, but they are indeed in a class by themselves. 
    Sure, there is a huge portion of the world who can't afford data plans.  Many struggle to obtain food and clean water too.    And none of them can afford to buy Apple products.  Apple can't (or at least shouldn't) be all things to all people.  That is not their formula of success (more success, it should be pointed out) than any other technology business in the history of the world.
  Well who says they're not competing against Google and Amazon?  Of course they are.   And from the numbers I've heard, looks like they're kicking their butts with the mini...despite what some complain of as cutting corners.  Seems like consumers are delighted with the mini.  It's mostly internet pundits who have a problem with it.   As far as iPad 2 to iPad 3, there was a weight gain.  But it was minimized by some good engineering tricks by Apple.  Still, the iPad 3 and...
    But at least the two-year-old iPhone is still a very well-engineered device.  And the operating system is up-to-date.   If I had the choice of buying  a 2010 Porsche 911 new at 2/3 the original price, I'd much rather buy that than a current model Corvette.  But that's just me...
    Well, the factors that matter to most quality developers are things like 1) money spent on apps, 2) web usage, 3) buying things via the phone.  And on all these fronts, iPhone still trounces Android.  Overall marketshare--when much of that share is relatively poor people--matters little (notice, didn't say "none").   Apple needs simply to keep doing its best to attract those customers that are attractive to the developers.
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