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  Seriously?  You're sitting around on an internet message board spewing hate toward people you don't know, but you're criticizing them for not being involved in productive activities?   Why aren't YOU working or spending time with your family?
The civil litigation system in our country is simply out of control, and the class-action system in particular is very damaging to this country.  By gathering together large masses of people with minor issues that would not normally merit the time and cost of litigation, this class-action abuse makes it profitable for just about anything to be a cause for litigation.  The million "injured" will all get $1, while the law firm will get $1 million.   Write you Senators...
Apple is simply following the laws put in place to their best advantage...just like EVERYONE else in the country.   What is reprehensible are people like Obama and Buffett and Biden saying that the wealthy should pay more, yet they still take advantage of all the tax breaks available instead of paying the higher rate that they believe is "patriotic".   As an aside, what bothers me as an Apple shareholder is not their making use of available tax "loopholes" (which...
      Dude, don't you have a "99%" whine-session to go to or something?   Just because Apple doesn't cater to your specific wants, doesn't make it evil.     People are voting with their hard-earned money, and those votes show that Apple is providing products and services which millions and millions and millions of people eagerly want.   And not just mobile.  Read the data:  Mac has been growing like gangbusters, while Windows is moribund.  The MacBook Air has been nothing...
Apparently you missed the post about the rifle being displayed next to the iPod.
I think they had a pilot program to deploy the Kindle Fire instead, since it was supposed to take over the tablet market. But then they decided they should wait instead for the Windows tablets to save the day.
Seriously, how frequent are emergencies during commercial flights? Guessing 1 in a 10,000,000? (There are roughly 10,000,000 flights annually in the U.S. Every several years one crashes. And maybe for every one that crashes, a couple others have a true emergency). And during those outrageously rare emergencies, what is the chance that passengers having iPads in use is going to drastically affect the outcome? I think the sensation of the plane in free fall would get...
The level of bigotry on this board is amazing, and disgusting. Wal-mart is the biggest retailer in the world. Why do you assume there is just one type of person who shops there? Besides the fact that you're a bigot?
I'm certain there were many who missed the intimacy and comfort of transport by horseback when cars came along. They got over it. You will too. Life moves on.
And who is the proper one to decide, you, or those who share your views?
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