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In theory, with 4G speeds, just about everything could be kept in the cloud. The problem is the cost of data streaming. Just downloading a single movie from iTunes would use up your 2GB data plan costing $30/mo. I agree with the prior poster who says we'll see more local storage, not less. (Which is good for Apple shareholders, as Apple makes a good profit by selling more storage)
I think you are completely off base with this "analysis". Apple has both an enormously loyal customer base with industry-leading satisfaction rates, as well as a long and consistent history of steady product improvements. It is selling products with enormous market potential. The iPad is well on its way to becoming a gorilla (an enabling technology...iOS...with enormous market share and high switching costs). The growing ecosystem with iCloud seamlessly integrating...
It is not only ridiculous...it is absurd. But so is the growth in earnings that Apple has been accomplishing. Earnings have been accelerating. They roughly doubled over the past year; if they slow a bit...let's say to a 60% growth in earnings, and Apple starts to use it's outrageous cash hoard to retire a substantial number of shares, having the share price go up 70% from here over the next year would be expected. Ridiculous? Yes. To be expected? Yes.
I agree that the display, even if that was the only change, makes it worthwhile. For the display is the core of the whole tablet experience. I disagree with the magazine comparison. For resolution, yes. But having the image backlit and with better contrast, it will simply be the best image anyone has every seen in the world. Period.
Nothing is "free". However, I wouldn't be surprised if Nanny Government pays for it for "the needy", like they pay for cell phones (I think there's something in the Constitution that everyone has the right to 4G data). If you actually work for a living, you'll still be paying.
While I agree with you completely that the U.S. is simply not able to meet it's financial obligations, I disagree completely with your strategy. The way governments with fiat money tied to nothing real always handle this is to rev up the printing presses. While holding interest rates at zero. So the value of your cash is slipping through your hands like sand. Much better to own a fraction of an outstanding business which earns its profits across a very broad range of...
If they showed profit instead of revenues, it would really be outrageous. I'm guessing Apple had well north of 50% of proits, given that so much of the industry is barely squeaking out a profit. 75% wouldn't surprise me.
The fact that iOS accounts for a substantially higher share among the "all smartphone" group compared to the "first-time buyer" group (and vice versa for Android) would suggest that once buyers have owned an Android, they're much more inclined to switch to iOS than any traffic the other direction.
Apple can just use its cash hoard and buy Germany. Then the judges would be working for them.
It just boggles the mind to see such obvious defects as the absence of physical volume controls and horrible placement of the power button. Did anyone at Amazon even try one of these before hitting the market? Seriously. Unfortunately, one sees this kind of crap all over the place in all industries. The hurdle to be a superior company is so low, I'm not surprized the Apple has hit it out of the park.
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