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Don't think so. You're misunderstanding Apple if you think it is as simple as some Chinese "genius" inventing "something better". You must understand the difference between the BlackBerry--which people love to use as the example of how fast one can fall--and iPhone. BlackBerry pre-iPhone was essentially just a cell phone that was good for e-mail and text messaging. It was very easy for users to leave that behind. iPhone, on the other hand, is really a pocket-sized...
What nonsense. First of all, it's a crock to compare published data for iPad's actually sold, compared to guesses about other tablets which simply shipped. Secondly, it is absurd to put the Fire in with the rest of the Android tablets. They operate differently, and they run separate apps. They're simply different operating systems. For that matter, Android is so fragmented that this may be true for other non-Fire Android tablets as well. Finally, it's not even clear...
Well, this chart looks like estimates (note the E next to the years), and it is not from Amazon. But other than that, it is terribly reliable data.
Well, this chart looks like estimates (note the E next to the years), and it is not from Amazon. But other than that, it is terribly reliable data.
Am I missing something? Is this exclusively for textbooks intended for schools?? You can't just publish "your first novel into iBook", as you say? Why not?
Of course they want to keep it proprietary. The only reason to not have it proprietary is when you can't get away with it (for example, if Google came out with GoogleAuthor for Android tablets, and it was proprietary, people would only laugh). Only by having it proprietary does it open the door for helping iPad get a strangehold on the tablet market, just as Windows/Office did with PC's. Without proprietary, you can't get there from here.
Breaking news: this software was created to facilitate authors producing content specifically for the iPad, in a proprietary manner, so as to help the iPad become the Gorilla of the tablet market. Your "hope" for something that makes it easier for you to use to organize thousands of pages of stuff for your own use had absolutely nothing to do with this project. Maybe someday someone will make an app for that, but to fault Apple for simply making as you say, "an awsome...
What in the world do you think Apple is "truly interested in"? Do you think this whole iBook Author project was just to sell more copies of Lion for $29.99? Doesn' t make much sense to me.
Well, as an Apple shareholder, I certainly hope they succeed in cementing iPad's position as the Gorilla of the tablet market, as well as iBooks/iBooks Atuhor as the Gorilla in the book publishing world. It would be Windows Desktop and Microsoft Office redux. I love it. But then combine that with iPhone and iCloud and Siri and iMac and iTV. Wow. You're right; maybe they will dominate the world.
I think maybe you're seeing this wrong (or are you defensive because you're a teacher?). It's not about the device changing students. The device is simply an enabler. It will enable all sorts of new and improved ways to stimulate students minds, and to enable students to become more active in seeking out information. But the whole thing will only be extraordinary if we have extraordinary innovators developing these new creative methods. I'm quite confident we can. ...
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