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-Kickaha what are you saying about BMW? They have been doing a better job than apple at getting products out on time, over the last few years.
Safari was good because IMO IE was pretty bad (security issues, no tabs...) I personally think that MSoffice is good for my needs. I find no problems with it. Plus the money spent on a new appleworks would be better spent on oh say new techniques to reduce manufacturing costs on the G3 imac.
And somehow, knowing what you do about apple, this is a surprise to you?
This Site lets you see all the donations made by anyone for the 2004 presidential election (Includes donations made to people who lost in the primaries). The neat thing is that it is searchable by address, zipcode, and name. They also have maps. Now you can see if your boss, co-workers, friends, relatives are in political accord with yourself. It seems to provide transparency the Federal election committee has to make all this info publicly available, this site just makes...
There is really no need, as some people have said, It would be a waste of development money since MSOffice is already the industry standard and is great on OSX.
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