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I' m using IE 5 on OSX and when I viewed sites with pictures, many times that the pictures do not show up. I have to hit the refresh button, then some pictures will appear. It happens consistenly. Anyone know what could be the problem and how I can fix this?
Evan, my Imac seems to be on the same plane as yours. I wonder when it will leave AK for delivery.
I ordered mine on the 7th and it was shipped out yesterday from Taiwan. And today I checked the status again, and it seems that now it's in Japan. I wonder when it will actually get to US. And what surprised me is that what it's doing in Japan, and why did it take one whole day to ship from Taiwan to Japan, since those countries are so close to each other.
so this is really what's going on [Chilling]
check this out. I think it is similar to what people here have been talking about the imac. http://www.vaio.sony.co.jp/Products/W/index.html
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