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This is idiotic.  MacBooks (and even Windows notebooks) are computers and Chromebooks are dumb terminals.   I'd like to see the profits generated by each platform.  My guess is that Chromebooks are sold at a loss to lock in the consumers to a life of "Scroogling."  This scam was tried in the 90's by eMachines and ended in failure.
You can but the sender is notified that you did so, and you have the presence of mind to do such a capture during its brief existence.
Doesn't that Replay feature ruin to only unique feature of Snapchat? It's clearly designed to share photos of body parts without the fear that the image will be permanently captured. Now, with Replay, it will be easy to set up a second camera to capture an image that was replayed on the first.
The Samsung product placement on the American Music Awards was so clunky and silly it was embarrassing.
Remember, Samsung made failing smartphones before the iPhone came out.   They should have waited until Apple came out with their watch first, so they can copy them.
Today. Apple's market cap is 50% higher than Microsoft's.   Are you guys smoking with the mayor of Toronto?
Who's selling the other 6% of the iPads?
This is the last piece of the puzzle, as I see it. If the cable companies would control their content with software rather than with their ugly, useless set-top boxes and equally pathetic remotes, we could finally have the AppleTV (the one with the screen) we all dream of (and I think that Steve Jobs dreamed of.) With cable content being an app, just like any other, we can finally have that consistent, intuitive user experience that could have easily been envisioned if...
This product is DOA.   Besides the obvious problems that people think you are either filming them or watching something else, the glasses bear an unfortunate resemblance to those worn by Edward Snowden in his iconic photo.  His leaking has hit a nerve with Americans concerning with the government watching and listening to them, and the coincidence that Google Glass may be a tool for just that makes it very unappealing.   There once was a diet candy called Ayds,...
I'm wondering how this will affect Google's acquisition of Waze. It seems that the application date is too late to shut down Waze, but I'll bet Apple can extract licensing fees for some features. When Google bought Waze, I not only deleted the app, but I also made sure I deleted my account. I'm OK with giving up my location to help other drivers in the area, but not to be hassled by cloying Google ads.
New Posts  All Forums: