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No, silicone and silicon are two separate materials.  It's not just an American/British spelling variation like aluminum/aluminium. :D
iOS users, let's have a schadenfreude dance party!!!!
Apple ought to counter-sue for fraud and defamation.  The manufacturer(s) of the components that use this film is (are) the legitimate target(s) of the infringement suit.  Clearly, BU is going after the deep pockets and a company that is sure to generate a lot of media attention.  This kind of abuse of the court system ought to be punished severely.   Unless it can be shown that Apple instructed the manufacturers to use this film, then it is not their fault if their...
I've had pretty bad luck with Samsung electronics. They die an ugly and rapid death soon after the short warranty period. I was using a Daewoo monitor with my Mac mini and I then got a Samsung for dual monitors, and it failed after two years and the Daewoo is going strong a year later. Using the two products side by side, the Daewoo has given me about double the useful life.
  Considering the massive economic impact that smartphone sales have and the rapid rate of innovation in a new industry, it would be understandable if cases like this one got priority and were allowed to cut in line.  I'd even think they'd develop a separate court to deal with high-value, early-stage technologies.
The ridiculous phone-bumping.  AirDrop via Bluetooth is much more practical and dignified.   The camera looking at your eyes and stopping video is both creepy and stupid.  We can only imagine what Samsung is doing with the data it harvests from the camera that always watches you.
Kanye West.    Next question?
"A blind squirrel finds an acorn every now and then."  Sure, most of Samsung's "features" are silly gimmicks, but even if they stumble upon a cool trick, Apple ought to shamelessly adopt it as partial payback for the wholesale theft Samsung committed.  Every now and then, my hands are wet or dirty and I'd rather not make physical contact with my gorgeous iPhone, so I could occasionally use those remote gestures.   The main point is that the courts are so slow, the...
Haha, you are probably right.  Sometimes I think the far left ends up with the same conclusions as the ultra right, even if they arrive there through completely different processes.  Sometimes the extremes have more in common with each other than either do with the middle.  Of course, the middle is the key to big sales volume.
Too subtle.   They could have saved 55 seconds by saying: "Apple is American and Samsung is a bunch of Korean crooks."  This line should be delivered by Clint Eastwood, Glenn Beck, Ted Nugent or a Charleton Heston impersonator.  It would be much more to the point.
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