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You mean they are going to try to sell their version of Pandora (which is free), but theirs can only play through a limited number of non-portable boxes? Genius! Where do I sign up?
Android is the eMachines of mobile OSs.
Then, that should fail the non-obviousness test of a patent. It seems like a pretty obvious combination of taking a desktop concept and applying it to a phone (and it wouldn't require multi-touch.)
Radial menus have been around in CAD systems for years. I doubt that Apple's patent is strong enough to stop others from doing something similar, but good enough for them to be able to do it without infringing on others.
Let's see them getting iWork.com out of beta before we trust a lot more of our work to the cloud. Thank God iWork.com is free for now. It is so difficult to work with that I feel I should be getting paid to use it!
Why was it glossed over that Apple sold more Macs than any quarter ever? I know the iThings are very sexy, but when Apple sells Macs, it sets them up to continue to generate tons of revenue from the expanding consumer base. These are buyers of iLife, iWork, OS X Lion, AppleCare, Magic Trackpads, etc. and Mac users are a lot more likely to buy Airport accessories and AppleTV than PC users. The fact that Macs are flying off the shelves in record numbers even though...
They wanted to call it the Bob-ect, but that name was already taken!
Maybe the Kinect will be as successful as the Kin.
Is Yahoo still in business?
Android is a flash in the pan, just like its parent OS, Linux. If you haven't noticed, Linux is an irrelevant flop for end-users. It is doomed to Balkanization. There will be Motorola Android, HTC Android, Dell Android, etc. And they will all lock-in their customers. Android is not a tablet OS, and Google shows its internal confusion by promoting Chrome OS for that role. The Android market will become clogged by masses of horrible, buggy and insecure apps....
New Posts  All Forums: