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I'm certainly not going to buy another point-and-shoot digital camera or a Flip Mino (or similar) ever again. My next digital photograph purchase would have to be a dSLR with RAW capabilities, and if I wanted to do more high-end video, I'd buy a better videocamera. I'm excited that the iPhone 4 is going to be a capable point-and-shoot and pocket camcorder.
It would be funny if the line to get an iPhone 4 snaked through the MS Store!
Developers! Developers! Developers! Developers! How is MS going to sell Visual Studio 2010 to Mac developers when Apple give them Xcode for free? People buy bottled water, so maybe there's hope.
After hearing about this Safari-killer for weeks, I was happy to try it out. EPIC FAIL! I went to my favorite web site and Opera Mini forced me to the mobile version of the page. On Safari, I can choose between the regular web version and the mobile. For this site, the mobile version is useless, so I choose to wait for the full page. Opera Mini gives me no choice, so it goes on Page 8 and if it weren't so small, I'd give it the boot.
If I were a MSFT stockholder, I'd be pissed at the company's clumsy attempts to insert themselves into markets that don't want them. They ought to focus on the few areas where they compete well and focus on them instead of wasting money on hopeless trinkets.
The good news is that I found a whole trove of songs in the iTunes Store that are 69 cents. The bad news is they are all by Sasquatch.
to patch Apple/Microsoft relations to get Bing to be the default search tool on the iPhone instead of Google? If MS ditches the Zune, Zune Phone and Windows Mobile, then maybe there can be a deal.
I'm putting my money away already for whatever Apple is unveiling next week. I hope they don't rush it out. I'd like them to take their time to get it right.
Not because the Man of the Year picks. Those aren't necessarily honors -- they often point to someone who caused the most news that year. Time sucks because they put our beloved iPhone behind a $300+ table fan! It is not even original. Dyson has simply popularized something that has been around for at least 20 years. Look up the Coanda Effect and you'll see what I mean.
Once they plot all of the points where the AT&T network has problems, they'll have a pretty impressive map.
New Posts  All Forums: