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Make sure you delete your account before you get rid of your Waze app.   When you request an account deletion, they ask you why you want to leave, and I made it clear that the Google acquisition disgusted me.
Shalom, Waze.   I was willing to share my geographic location to contribute to more complete traffic data, but when it's going to be used to bombard me with ads, you can take your app and shove it!   And seeing how Google was all too happy to participate in the PRISM program, I certainly don't want to make it so easy to be tracked by the government.  Tyranny is upon us.  Bush started it and Obama has failed to set us free.
When can we declare "thermonuclear war" on Google for the stolen parts of Android that Steve Jobs wanted?
Yay! Apple patents the over-the-air network TV model. We had always paid for content by watching ads. Then cable and premium channels came along and made us pay for content, and watch ads!
Microsoft Motorola Google Samsung Foxconn Apple needs to write better non-compete clauses with its suppliers!
Stock manipulation is illegal. People who have spread lies about companies to drive their stock prices one way or the other (mostly down) have rightfully gone to jail for this. Why aren't regulators doing anything about the obvious campaigns of lies and smears against Apple? I guess the Rule of Law isn't what it used to be.
I cant find the pixels on an iPhone 5 with a magnifying glass.  This indicates to me that when Apple says "Retina Display" means that it surpasses the limits of human vision, they are telling the truth.  Making the ppi any higher is just taxing the processing resources for no visible purpose.   It's like all that "frame rate" hooey that was so big a few years ago.  People perceive motion to be continuous at 24-30 frames per second.  Those who say they can detect an...
I've been holding my nose and tolerating AppleInsider's fauning coverage of Samsung for a while, but this story goes too far.   Who gives a shit how many units Sammy sells in a corrupt police state? They probably paid more bribes to the Chinese government and the state-run corporations. Chinese incomes are still way behind those of Amercians and their currency is artifically manipulated, so it's obvious that cheap Korean crap would be the natural choice of the masses.
Just as Apple is under siege to make a LARGER iPhone, The-Company-That-Can-Do-No-Wrong is responding to some market pressure to make theirs SMALLER.   Maybe Tim Cook is not as fun as Steve Jobs, but when he says the iPhone 5 is designed to fit in a human hand, I believe him.  Frankly, I find the iPhone 5 screen to be a little too big -- holding it securely in my right hand, I have to stretch uncomfortably to reach the upper-left corner with my right thumb.  I want my...
To me, the photo commercial seems to be a "me-too" type of campaign, not very different from what the competitors produce.   Apple ads have always been distinctive, and I think this campaign is less so, as far as I've seen.
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