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You are not being picky, you are just being wrong.   Just because you don't see anyone counting people walking in and out doesn't mean that Apple isn't tracking that.  Yeah, for everyone who crosses the threshold of an Apple Store, an average of $58 is going to get dropped.  How's the Samsung Store doing?
Does anyone else find it strange that an item with no moving parts and no processing capability warrants a two-page review?   The radio interference is a complete deal-breaker for me. This is an egregious case of form completely overwhelming function since the iPhone is basically a collection of radios.  Anything that diminishes the iPhone's ability to transmit and receive radio waves is totally unwelcome.   We don't even need to mention the insane price . . .
This is the typical biased financial reporting.  Lies are easily debunked, but the half-truth is the currency of the scoundrels today.   iOS volume was UP, and Apple makes money on every handset that uses it, plus almost everyone who has it will be paying Apple for apps, songs, etc.   The deceitful bastard who wants to dishearten the Apple crowd tries to make the "market share" statistic the only one worth mentioning.  I hope most people can see through this...
Costs 150% more than Pandora One. Yay, Google! I only listen to the free versions of Pandora and Spotify, and if they think pumping occasional ads into my skull pays for that, well, I'm happy to humor them.
This will help them make a graceful exit out of the hardware business. Just point to the fabulous profitability of the messaging business and quietly kill the phone without admitting failure.
So, a few weeks ago, he drives down the stock price with his lawsuit, buys the stock cheap and is now pumping it up. How is this not illegal? The unchecked corruption in the financial industry is going to doom the rest of the country to endless crashed and crises, and only the David Einhorns of the world will profit each and every time.
Let's not forget the paid expert witnesses -- the other actors in this idiot kabuki theater who get paid regradless of the outcome.
Yikes!  I hope you still came out ahead!   Never believe analysts.  I bought my AAPL when analysts rated the shares as an "Avoid."  You should have looked at Apple financial data over the long term and not just compare it to last year's. The March quarter that just finished was the second best of all time. Yes, it wasn't quite as good as 2012, but it was better than every previous year.   Remember, all of the people who work in the financial industry (brokers, analysts,...
This dip looks like a pretty obvious buying opportunity to me. If I had any free cash, I'd buy more, but all my free money is tied up in AAPL stock already. I'm sure the world is going to thing this oligarch is genius for getting in at $400 a share, but those of us who have been here since it was $4 a share (split-adjusted) will say, "Welcome aboard, what took you so long?"
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