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This makes me really happy! When people talk about what Apple should do with its cash, I immediately say, "Spend it on R&D!"  This gives me hope that Apple will be popping out the next big thing a few more times!   Comparing Samsung's R&D budget to Apple's is invalid.  Besides carbon copies of Apple products, Samsung makes a slew of crappy consumer goods.  They spend a fortune of figuring how to make things that survive their warranty periods and immediately die...
Make Passbook useful.  I'm trying it and I can't really make it do anything.  I'm not a dumb-ass and I want to make it work, so if I can't handle it, I can imagine that normal users give up on it immediately.   Apple has one more card up its sleeve with the big cat naming scheme, but that would be the end of the line.  The last of the big-cat named releases should be named for the biggest cat of all:   Garfield.
This point should have been featured in Tim Cook's remarks yesterday. The fact that Apple had its second-best March quarter in history was overshadowed by his revealing that we have about 6 months to wait for new product news. If you watched after-hours trading, the financial results drove the price up around $25,and then the "no news until fall" comment wiped out the gain and started the bloodbath. The cynic in me would say that when you are announcing the biggest...
Name-calling?  You are a disgrace!  One simply can't discuss anything here, can they?   Nobody has really refuted my points with any evidence, just a string of insults and nonsense.  This place is pathetic.
  Do you have any evidence to support your position?  Am I just supposed to concede to you because of your high-falutin' title?  Maybe you can write me an angry letter using iWork '09!
Yep, keep it up.   I've held AAPL since the Gil Amelio days, so I am way ahead, but I am getting some deja vu from how the company is behaving these days.  I've heard nothing about OS X 10.9 nor iOS 7 even though OSs are announced many months ahead of their release.  If you don't recognize that the pace of innovation of Apple has slowed down, you're either stupid or in denial.   To me, it is just irritating at the moment, but if I don't hear anything in the next...
Tallest Skil, Apple][ and Rogifan,   Your attitudes are why Apple seems to be in a tailspin right now.  Had Tim Cook been able to simply maintain the momentum that was present when Steve Jobs was alive, he'd be a shoo-in for the list.   It's bad enough that the hardware upgrades have slowed to a trickle, but the developments in OS X and iOS, iWork and iLife and improving iCloud all seem to have stalled.  We were led to believe that Jobs had left a road map for...
Did Tim Cook make it?   If not, how did the CEO of the biggest (by market cap) not make it?  Gulp!
Things will get even better for Apple once it is realized that Samsung is causing the Korean Crisis.  Samsung's US advertising budget alone could feed all of the starving people of North Korea. Kim Jong-Un is apparently tapping into jealousy and envy over Samsung's splashy success.   It's funny how things like that work.
No, I expect that we will get some new product announcements before it gets to that point.  If not, I expect a major shake-up at the top.
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