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Oh, man, I can't wait to go to the Apple Store to line up for my copy of Tiger 10.4.4! Yipee!
Probably not, but maybe you ought to propose that as a corollary to Godwin's Law.
What's even more pathetic is that I'm married!!!!
Why do I have the feeling we're going to be buying downloadable boot tones from iTunes for $2.50? I don't really care -- I boot my Macs less often than I have sex!
Was that pun intended?
What's with Steve Jobs and cubes!? Y'know, there are OTHER Platonic solids. What's the matter with a nice icosahedron?
Actually, I'd consider that to be AppleWorks X. However with Keynote, Pages and "Cells", they'd only be halfway there. They should add some kind of FileMaker Jr. database and drawing and painting apps and then they would have it! Also, I see rumored elsewhere my invention of a combination of iPod, iSight, AirPort and QuickTime into an iPod-sized camcorder that can work like a portable videophone will come to fruition. I'd like to see some new Macs that are more than...
Intel-based Mac mini.
Man, am I glad I build that hotel on Boardwalk! When Apple landed there, me and my Scotty dog took in some sweet cash and now we can buy all four railroads. Now, we're just going to chill out over at our house in Marvin Gardens.
These people's illiteracy is not Apple's fault! Perhaps these dumb bastards ought to sue their parents or their former teachers for letting them out of the school system without being able to read.
New Posts  All Forums: