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1. It's not necessary. Apple has been able to successfully been able to prevent others from using iPod or plays on that word. For example, there was a product called the iPed that had to be renamed simply Ped. 2. I think the term "podcast" is itself diluted. Podcasts are usually MP3 files that can be played on any MP3 player. I think a real "podcast" should be in AAC with some FairPlay DRM so that they would only play on a genuine iPod. Otherwise, those who use...
I hate to be pedantic. . . aw, who am I kidding? I love it! Nano is a prefix meaning "one-billionth" (10e-9) in the SI. It goes WITH units of measurement (like nanometer, nanosecond), but is not a unit of measurement by itself.
The Adobe Comment: That is standard programmer procedure. Make every change request seem like the end of the world and that you may die in the process of fulfilling the request. If you are melodramatic enough, you can surely reduce the number of requests. If, on the other hand, you are too eager to please, you'll get change requests in droves even before the person requesting the change is even sure they want or need it. Because you are so quick, they figure you can...
Isn't that the day The Boy Who Cried Wolf Festival opens up?
It's no big deal that some hackers are managing to get OS X to run on plain PC's. Certainly, Apple has to keep reminding the computer enthusiast community that it is illegal. No institution is going to accept illegal, unsupported systems on its networks, nor are the vast majority of ordinary computer users going to possess unsupported Frankenstein boxes. Any effort to make the DRM more than somewhat challenging will be wasted.
Are they going to need to put a sticker on dual dual-core G5's warning you NOT to eat it?
Son of a b***h! I have a dual 2 GHz G5 and had no problems with the Security Update. Why am I mad? I have a 64-bit machine and evidently, I am not using those extra 32 bits, otherwise I'd have a problem. It's like driving a Porsche through rush hour traffic. A Hyundai will do for that case.
If Apple's attorneys met with this guy's attorney, then it must mean that they think his case is not totally baseless, otherwise, they'd tell him to shove it. Now, if I am not mistaken, I believe Apple's DRM, FairPlay, isn't even their own creation -- they exclusively license it from another company. This could turn out just like the damned Eminem case! Remember, it was Apple's ad agency that ripped off "Lose Yourself", but Apple had to settle. Between these...
Anybody remember the last time a vendor of Apple processors delivered a chip early?
So what is the other 816,000 sq. ft.? Dirty, dirty rooms!? Are they going to be producing Internet porn there?
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