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  I've been long on AAPL since 97 so I've been watching Apple stock for a long, long time and I've seen many ups and downs.  This decline is pissing me off.  Apple has so many possible ways to indicate to the world that work is actually occurring in Cupertino.  Announcements of OSX and iOS versions are typically made well in advance of the actual release.  Lack of announcements makes me believe that OS X 10.9 and iOS 7 are no where near finished or maybe are not even...
It's going to be a bloodbath regardless of what the actual numbers are. Stock prices are set much more by confidence and doubt than by actual numerical data. There's just the sense that Apple sucks now, even though last year, it was the bee's knees! I surmise that with some fresh, new products, we can get our mojo back, but until then, we're old news. Here's a fun fact: even at the beaten-down depressed price that AAPL is today, it is still higher than any time during...
I'm an AAPL long and while I am grateful for the quarterly cash, I'd much rather Apple sink the money into some blue-sky, long-range technology projects. Where's my flying car or personal robot? Why is home automation still so complicated and unpopular?
Samsung's days of innovation are over . . . SELL!
Yay!  Now, we have John C. Dvorak on our side.     If we can get Rob Enderle to endorse Apple Maps, Google will be doooooooomed . . . and beleaguered.
Rich idiot, one-trick pony.   Maybe he can speak with authority on Internet search, but on any other topic, he has about as much gravitas as Rob Enderle.
Actually, I thought those ads worked because Justin Long was just the straight man and John Hodgman's "PC guy" had all the funny lines.  You'd think Mac vs. PC ads would be mean-spirited, but Hodgman's character was kind of a lovable boob, so Apple made its point without seeming mean.
Oh, I think it is safe to say that large groups of people will find the characters displayed in the Samsung ads to be repulsive.   Sure, hipster doofuses are a real market segment, but for every one you connect with, you alienate dozens of other potential customers.  The only thing Samsung has going for it is that is it cheaper.
The Samsung ads are idiotic. The people in them are singularly unattractive. We have a woman stealing credit for compiling sales figures, a guy arranging the smuggling of illegal energy drinks from Sweden (from a Russian named Oleg?), a guy who goofs off on half his screen while pretending to work on the other, guys going out for a pretentious lunch, a smug Asian IT thug, a roomful of gamer slackers who are allegedly creating a dumb game. It's hard to believe these ads...
I remember gunning for the 100 million prize. I was downloading an album when that moment came, so I got close. Now, Apple does that every day-and-a-half! I see they hit 25 billion today and 20 B on Nov 19, 2012. Either Eddy Cue or me is wrong, but I calculate the rate at about 44,000 songs per minute.
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