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By the way, I went to ftc.gov and lodged a complaint against Amazon for this deceptive advertising.   The iPad has a lot more pixels and Amazon's claim is a lie.  I hope the government puts a stop to it.
It's quite a fraud. The iPad has 36% more pixels.  The iPad's 4:3 aspect ratio compared to the Kindle's 16:10 (4:2.5) makes the difference as big as it does.   iPad: 2048x1536, Kindle: 1920x1200.  You can do the math for yourself.   The iPad has a rear-facing and a front-facing camera, but the Kindle just has a front-facing.  Amazon tries to tell you to take pictures with a front-facing camera (are they keeping a straight face?)
The USPTO is devolving into joke status.  It is understaffed and backlogged, taking about 4 years to issue patents.  One of the only "profitable" agencies of the government is being milked by the rest of then government to pay for money pits.  It is the peak of incompetence for the Office to issue a patent only to have to retract EVERY single claim.  Our patent system, which lets people with money support people with ideas because they anticipate a return on investment,...
Three of the top five FREE iOS apps are from Google. Yay! Apple sells phones and accessories and insurance plans, yet Google gives away their apps. Which business model is sustainable?
Clearly, the stock is being manipulated by hedge fund managers and other big boys to give them a buying opportunity. It should be illegal, but these guys are the top donors to both parties, so we all have to sit by and witness this theft.
My Prediction: A flood of Windows 8 refugees will be washing up on the Mac beach in the next few weeks. The Mac minis and the new iMacs will be popular with our new brethren. I'll try to keep my "I told you so's" to myself.
"Feel, felt, found" is ancient.  I learned it at least 20 years ago when being trained to work a charity telethon.   I thought Apple would use some great Jedi mind tricks and not a cheap Willy Loman strategy.  Eh.
Given Apple's recent declaration of a stock buyback and dividend, I figured that the taxpayers of Austin just paid for 5 HOURS of the cash giveaway. As an Apple shareholder, I say "Thanks!" I've got no doubt that the city of Austin will quickly come out ahead, but I think there's no need for a municipality to risk the cash when it's such a trifling amount to the recipient.
Apple should start a program where disappointed Kindle owners can trade in their Fires for iPads. Making Kindle Fire = disappointment is a great strategic move for Apple. Hopefully, it will join the Zune in the graveyard of would-be killers.
They need to make iWork documents on the Mac work seamlessly with iCloud. This whole workaround of downloading and uploading to iCloud.com is a kludgy disaster!
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