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Apple ought to start a program to let disappointed Kindle Fire buyers trade up to an iPad. My sense is that almost all Kindle Fire buyers would prefer an iPad, all else being equal, but the $199 loss leader price is irresistible.
This sounds just like the eMachines model: sell hardware at a loss to make it back on future sales. It was a colossal failure then, and it won't work now. It gets to a point where the more units you ship, the more money you lose. Kindle Fire at fire-sale prices isn't going to be around long.
That's exactly the phrase I came here to write. Siri requires the infrastructure and hardware on both the client and server side that makes Apple's business model superior to the fake "open-source" model of Google's Android.
Schadenfreude party at my house!
I predicted this as soon as it came out. I need to call myself an "analyst" and get paid the big bucks for my clairvoyance!
One model has an exploding battery and the other is locked into the Windows search engine. Bada Boom Bada Bing
Libel. If AAPL takes a hit for this BS report, they need to haul up this Chowdhury dude for lying maliciously about the company.
Screw Google. They just should have stuck with search. At first, they were so much better than the competition, they killed them all. Instead of focusing on keeping ahead of those who figured our how to game PageRank, they stuck their fingers into random areas like YouTube and Picasa. Now, Google searches are mediocre at best (when I started using Google in the 90's, the search results were so good, you'd think they were psychic.) They need to get back to basics...
Patents are government-granted monopolies . . . for a limited time. And only kind of. Patents don't give you the right to produce and sell your invention, they merely allow you to exclude others from producing yours. If the US Patent system has become a hindrance to innovation, don't blame the players that play by the rules -- blame the rule-makers. In my opinion, far too many patents are issued because the inventions are obvious combinations of previous works or...
But, did you notice the baseball game? It was the Boston RED SOX vs the Detroit TIGERS. Very intriguing, the nod to an older version of Mac OS X, but keep in mind that Detroit's NFL team is the LIONS (ya see what they did there?) I'm wondering if the RED SOX is somehow an allusion to Red Hat, a strain of Linux? Maybe it is a subtle slap at Android, but the weird thing is that Boston is killing Detroit in the video. I'll bet someone at Apple is going to lose his...
New Posts  All Forums: