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Huh? Would one of them be front-facing? Hahahaha
Did they snub Florence + the Machine because it would have screwed up the formatting of the list? Don't hold your breath for Adele. I just heard her doctor won't even let her talk because of her severe laryngitis. Not only am I old enough to remember "Wild Boys," but also to refer to it as Duran Duran's "new stuff" compared to their heyday with "Girls on Film." I don't know how they were live during their peak years, but the two times I've seen then on stage...
Developers. Developers, developers, developers, developers! Developers, developers, developers, developers! Developers, developers, developers, developers! Developers, developers, developers, developers! After that performance, Ballmer became untouchable. It might be fun to talk about getting rid of him, but Uncle Fester has guaranteed him his job until he gets his own personal Blue Screen.
Actually, Apple should have a 100% iPhone market share. A well-written sentence would convey that the iPhone has a 17% share of the cell phone market.
This is a far cry from the days when the company was "beleaguered." I bought my first AAPL shares when they were rated as an "Avoid." Now the NASDAQ says they are too successful.
Now it looks like Microsoft is siding with Apple to stick it to Google. It's like how the US and Britain and France joined up with the Soviet Union to defeat Nazi Germany (I'd like my Godwin's Law prize, please). Apple, of course, is Team America (f***, yeah!), Microsoft is the USSR and that makes Google the Third Reich. This is such an extraordinary set of circumstances if you look at the history of Apple vs. Microsoft for the past 25 years or so, but if you look...
Ooh, I'm shaking! The Sony brand is now about as cool and relevant as Brylcreem.
Google is an out of control mess. What their business reason for acquiring Sketchup, Picasa, YouTube, etc. is has not been explained nor does it make sense. This whole business of having a Chrome OS then not having a Chrome OS and taking Android from phones and scaling it up to tablets shows that the organization suffers from lack of vision and confusion. No one mentions the real elephant in the room: Google searches are getting more and more irrelevant. Sure, they...
FaceTime seems like such a great idea until you use it. You have to hold the iPhone at arm's length if you don't want your face to look distorted, and then you have to shout at the phone to make yourself heard. Besides, most people's faces don't look so good on camera -- they're used to seeing themselves in a mirror, so the reversed image of their face can be quite jarring. I was so excited to get FaceTime, but on the first use, I decided I need to get a wig and...
Aw, but I love the Kevin Bacon playing a creepy Kevin Bacon fan commercial. But, then again, I'm the kind of guy that slows way down to check out car wrecks.
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