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Samsung's public comments to the EU was to try to save face, and now it backfires in the US. Likewise Apple should have postponed their HTC settlement until their summer 2012 Samsung trial was finished. Anyway, it does make Samsung look stupid for even trying to bring injunctions in the EU where now they admit it hurts consumers. Worst public statement of 2012. Were all the big whigs celebrating the holidays and the interns were making public statements?
I lived in Europe for many years and while the idea of the worlds largest unified marketed sounded great, the reality was much different. Telecoms as you mention, have so much political power that the unified market doesn't apply to them as far as consumers are concerned. For infrastructure, they get cheap cross border sales, but consumers are screwed.
No one has paid this Qualcomm numbers yet and they specifically said that LTE customers get the old 3G prices.You are way out of your league on this subject.
The international and US carriers shot down Apple's push for embedded SIM cards. The issue is friction to the consumers, the carriers want as much friction as possible to keep consumers from switching service providers.Imagine flying from NYC to Paris, getting off the plane, and switching your phone from Verizon or AT&T to Orange or Vodafone via iOS rather than having to walk into store and switch hardware SIM chips. Verizon and AT&T would hate that but so would Vodafone...
Now with most American carriers implementing shared data plans, and the size of nano SIM, I agree that it is likely that Apple will include.The biggest hurdle to adoption in Apple's laptop lineup is Moto and Samsung wireless FRAND SEPs demands.In the current situation, Moto wants $24 and Samsung $22.50 per $1000 MacBook Air sold, for patents in a radio chip that costs $8 to make and sell to Apple. That would equate to over $100 of each $2200 MBP Retina sold.All these FRAND...
Can't most of this tracking info, search field logging etc be done by the web server logging IP info?
Is this the preliminary invalidation that was announced a week or 2 ago, or is this the final invalidation. This artless doesn't state this important fact.
Hmm at least Apple hasn't started using its Nortel SEPs for injunctions ( or even at all yet). Unlinke Google/Moto and Samsung using SEPs for injunctions.There is a fine line being walked here. Google/Moto and Samsung are screwing over the entire telecom industry trying to get import injunctions over FRAND SEPs.Telecom wants as little as possible government regulation, by as few governments as possible.The day that Google/Moto or Samsung wins import injunctions over FRAND...
The intel integrated graphics use the main system ram, it doesn't have integrated video ram like ATI/AMD and Nvidea.
So Samsung is going to stop using FRAND pledged SEPs to try to get injunctions. Good but they should have seen the error of their ways much earlier, since the EU, US, and South Korea are all looking into the matter. Maybe they realized that if they block the iPhone, they would have to start a whole new Galaxy marketing campaign? Ha Now let's see what Google/Moto decides to do, though they will probably wait until the ruling on the MS/Moto case.
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