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IIRC, Blackberry's are the "winning" phone in Indoesia.
You're really quoting cnet, that's like quoting the Sharper Image catalog or Delta's Sky magazine. It's a paid advertisement."For tablets, there are none currently better" - which means they all suck at stereo imaging. That's like say "my home stereo is junk, but my friends' are worse"Being the awesome audiophile that you obviously are, how incredible is the sound with speakers 22.5 cms apart? I can't wait to hear that. Will it change my world? /sAudio on all tablets'...
This is a manufacturing issue. Think vertically. Horizontally all the screens are 2560 pixels. The manufacturing line can produce more screens if they cut the screens every 1440 pixels rather than every 1600 vertically. So they can make more screens cheaper, appealing to more customersAlso consider production yield. More bad pixels in 2560x1600 than 1440. The manufacturer has to throw away less screens therefore making 2560x1440 27" LCDs cheaper to produce and lower retail...
You can make whatever points you want except real stereo imagining bc you are obviously quoting an outdated Amazon spec sheet and don't know anything about audio. It is impossible to have any "real stereo imagining" on any phone or tablet.BTW, Amazon withdrew that mini comparison from their spec comparison chart when they learned the the iPad mini has stereo speakers.I guess you work for Amazon or got a Kindle HD for Christmas and want to feel better about it.
So the question is how much will AAPL go up after the "calls" expire on Jan 19th?
Prelim injunctions never happen at the ITC anyway.This statement is basically to discourage current suits like the Ericsonn VS Samsung cases from wasting the ITC's resources deciding FRAND SEPs. Why waste the government resources on what is basically a contract/pricing dispute.The DOJ/USPTO are basically saying that they would support congressional changes to the ITC powers if this system keeps getting abused.
I welcome our Google overlords, the rest of you might want to stay quiet or your opinions might be automatically connected to your gmail, Google+ involuntarily accounts. Welcome Google masters, we love you /s
  WOW that entire list always post anti-Apple click bait. Call me impressed by your list /s
Samsung's public comments to the EU was to try to save face, and now it backfires in the US. Likewise Apple should have postponed their HTC settlement until their summer 2012 Samsung trial was finished. Anyway, it does make Samsung look stupid for even trying to bring injunctions in the EU where now they admit it hurts consumers. Worst public statement of 2012. Were all the big whigs celebrating the holidays and the interns were making public statements?
I lived in Europe for many years and while the idea of the worlds largest unified marketed sounded great, the reality was much different. Telecoms as you mention, have so much political power that the unified market doesn't apply to them as far as consumers are concerned. For infrastructure, they get cheap cross border sales, but consumers are screwed.
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